Quality Home of your Dream in South Africa

Living in a home brimming with comfort, coziness and luxury is a dream that everyone especially housewives harbor in their hearts. One takes immense pride and pleasures when the guests praise their home and wish to have one.

Welcome to Monopoly Housing! We are based in Pretoria, South Africa creating quality homes for you. Considering your well-being and healthy lifestyles, we take immense pride in providing you with the homes of your dream for an unbeatable price. Our homes are packed with modern amenities that any upmarket householder prefers to have. You might be wondering that these are commonplace jargons all builders talk about. But we ask you to believe what we promise. We ensure that our homes and construction services are of par excellence quality, and for us, the customer service stays atop the list. We know that our business thrives on quality output given to you. We will obviously deliver what’s promised to you.

We firmly believe if an esteemed client of ours is happy, surely he will recommend us to the people in their circles. As a result, we will get the clients through a trusted referral without having to spend on promotion or heavy advertising.

Having a special car parking, beautiful lawns out in front will surely delight you and your loved ones. These are the amenities we promise to build around your dream home. The interiors and furniture will sure hold your guests in awe. A home with sophisticated furniture and designer looks becomes more attractive. We make sure that your home does not become the repository of shoddy furniture pieces.

We use the finest materials in constructing your house, and employ only certified and licensed contractors for carrying out the construction works. Count on us as we guarantee the quality of the work and timely execution.

Besides, we provide you with the best architects for design, appearance and style which will certainly move your friends and relatives. Also the cement used in the construction is of the highest quality. Other materials like nails, wall partitions, planks, rods; wood etc. are of standard quality as these are the core parts of your home. We offer quality homes for your peaceful life. We also offer various options as to features, economic placement of various household items and designs in order to ensure efficient usage of domestic space. The trending home appliances, aerodynamic designs, features and the best quality granite or marble countertops will certainly fill you up with the joy of living in a peaceful home.

After going through our service, you might be thinking about cost of construction. Worry not. Your dream house will never cost an arm and a leg. We build quality homes at competitive prices. Understanding that too high or too low prices will never encourage us to build quality homes for your fine living, we provide you with the home you have been dreaming of for an affordable price that fit your budgets. By keeping in touch with what’s trending in the market and considering major factors of the industry, we identify the genuine rate of your house.